We are hiring now !

Two positions are currently available :

• Animation Director (Deadline : Oct 3rd, 2018)
• Technical Director (Deadline : Oct 5th, 2018)

Animation Director

Moetion Films is currently seeking an Animation Director for our 3D animation feature film sequel.

Contract position. 10 – 12 months



This 3D Animation Director role will suit someone who has well developed experience in 3D Animation Directing and is looking for a fresh challenge. We are looking for someone who is very good at working in a team as well as on their own in a fast paced and creative environment. You will need to be someone who possesses strong animation and artistic core skills, have strong people skills and can motivate and work closely with the animators. You will need to communicate clearly and consistently with production managers, producers and directors in a collaborative working open ethos.


Key Areas of Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for establishing key animation for the film with the Lead Animator and/or Directors.
  • Approve Rigs and Walk Cycles
  • Approve Blend Shapes and Morphs
  • Work closely with the Directors to understand overall storytelling and humour of the film.
  • Assign sequences to animators based on weighting of difficulty and length and level of animators’ skillset.
  • Motivate the animation team to reach excellence and help maintain the schedule and budget with the animation, production and directing teams.
  • Ensure the high standard of animation is maintained throughout the production.
  • Review animation passes from the internal and external teams and prepare well written notes and communicate responses to drive and maintain the animation to the desired standard of the producers and directors.
  • Work closely and consistently with the animation and production teams to improve quality of the sequences and thereby reducing amount of revisions and maintain animation output.


Person Specification / Requirements:

  • Minimum of 3-5 years’ experience in directing 3D animation
  • Must have 3D animation experience
  • Clear and energetic communication skills
  • Must be well organised, and very detailed oriented
  • Must passionate about character animation and acting.
  • Will need to remotely direct and manage some animators in co-producing studios as well as be on site in Moetion Films.


Please apply with your CV and showreel by Oct 3rd, to


Technical Director

Moetion Films is currently seeking a Technical Director to support our 3D animation team for our 3D animation feature film sequel.

Contract position. 10 – 12 months



This 3D Technical Director (TD) role provides critical support to the film’s animation department. The position requires a person who is highly competent to oversee the sequences technically for each animator from the start of each sequence to the publishing of the semi-rendered completed sequence for directors’ approval. The role requires someone who can work well under pressure, be highly organized, and meet agreed deadlines. This person will be required to maintain the processes, procedures and policies of the internal studio as well as work collaboratively with our partners in co-production. This person will contribute to the pipeline by developing, and implementing new tools for particular elements of the pipeline such as crowd scenes using Python on a Linux based pipline/OS. They will need to write scripts/tools to trouble shoot issues arising in the rigs or soft-wares for the animators in order to help maintain an ongoing efficiency in the animators’ work. The role requires a person who has an open positive attitude to working both in a team and on their own.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Development of tools and procedures to extend and enhance the pipeline such as crowd sequences using Python.
  • Ensure software development follows studio policies and guidelines.
  • Support the animation team by overseeing the animation technically, including writing scripts/tools to troubleshoot rigs, shots, animation, and software bugs.
  • Carrying out caching and semi-render of shots and sequences for approval.
  • Publish shots/ sequences for approval on Shotgun.
  • Work closely with the animators and in conjunction with others working in the various departments such as: animation director, partnering technical directors, production managers, and the production engineers in order to maintain and further the production pipeline and efficiency of output of animation according to the production schedule.
  • Maintain excellent file keeping, documentation and manage back ups.
  • Possibly provide shot work.
  • Assist in training and mentoring of other Entry Level Technical assistant


Person Specification/Requirements:

  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in technical directing within a 3D animation environment.
  • Experienced at designing, creating and supporting complex character animation.
  • Experienced at building tools to improve animation, rigging and / or character pipelines
  • Extensive knowledge of Python.
  • Extensive knowledge of Maya, Yeti, Arnold, Nuke and other 3D and rendering softwares.
  • Extensive experience of Linux based systems.
  • Good experience and practical working knowledge and understanding of Shotgun.
  • 3D animation experience
  • Must be very well organised, detail oriented, and focused.
  • Must have clear precise written and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Must passionate about the work.


Please apply with your CV and link to your previous animation TD relevant work by Oct 5th, to